Double-figure zander brace from River Trent hotspot

Catching a double-figure zander from running water is an achievement in itself but to catch two in a session is something that few can boast to.

Specimens weighing 14lb and 13lb 8oz fell to Ian Wilson when he fished a stretch of the River Trent. The brace followed hot on the heels of the capture of an impressive 16lb 13oz ‘zed’ by the Worksop rod taken from the same venue just a couple of weeks earlier.

Both fish came during a short session and were both fooled with perch deadbaits fished in conjunction with a running rig constructed with 15lb Fox Soft Steel mainline, a 20lb Drennan wire trace and size 8 trebles.

“When I’m zander fishing the first thing I do is determine where I think the prey fish are going to be,” he said. “On this particular day I settled on an area that was around four feet deep and situated in a slack area on the edge of the main flow.”

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