Conger record on prawn hookbait

Prawns are often used by anglers targeting commercial stillwater species but sea angler Steve Fedrick had a shock when his hookbait was taken by this record-breaking 54lb 12oz conger eel.

The Plymouth Castaways Fishing Club member was targeting cod and pouting during a freezing session at Dorset’s Chesil Beach when his prawn was taken by specimen that smashes the clubs record out of sight.

“I started to ache and sweat even though the air tempreture was just above freezing and it soon dawned on me that it could have only been a huge eel that had taken my prawn bait,” said Steve.

“Once it surfaced that was when the adrenaline really kicked in because I was only using light gear so to say the odds were stacked against me is an understatement to say the least.”

As the huge fish came into the shallows the 46-year-old’s 50 lb hooklink snapped under the pressure and left Steve with another fight on his hands in order to weigh and photograph his historic specimen.

“When the line snapped the fish turned and made a bid for freedom, but I managed to grab it and drag it in with my bare hands as we had nothing to help us land anything like this,” he continued.

“I collapsed on the shingle right next to the fish which was unnerving, but I physically couldn’t move. It was an incredible battle and I’ll always remember the sight of the fish powering away safely into the night.”

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