Chuck it and chance it for a 54lb carp

We’ve all lobbed our rigs out at short range while getting properly set up – but few will have ever landed a 54lb carp as a result.

That is exactly what happened to Corey Moore as he connected with one of the largest day-ticket carp in the country just moments after moving swims at Swan Lake on the Bluebell complex in Northants.

“As we were unloading the car I took my rod pod out first, then the first rod, and just underarmed it out about 15 yards while I got the rest of the gear sorted,” said the 24-year-old. “Within five minutes, probably even less, it was running – I couldn’t believe it!”

The security officer, whose previous personal best was 20lb, added: “It was like pulling a train, it was dragging me into the water – my arms and back are still hurting now!”

After a 15-minute battle, Corey’s mate Jake Burns scooped the fish into the net, but the pair were still to realise its true size.

“He couldn’t stop smiling and shaking my hand,” said Corey. “But it wasn’t until we both had to lift it on to the mat that we realised how big it was and what fish it was.”

The Nottingham angler, who generally only gets out for one session a month due to work and family commitments, reflected: “It was crazy, something that will never happen again.”

Corey fished a crab and crawfish pop-up topped with two fresh prawns on a standard braid hair rig.