Chew Valley does it again with 40lb 6oz pike

The incredible Chew Valley Reservoir produced its second 40lb pike of the year when local predator angler Richard Cooper smashed his personal best with a huge 40lb 6oz specimen.

Every year the Somerset venue continues to produce huge pike for visiting anglers and its February pike fishing trials proved no different as the Bristol specialist followed up the recent capture of Brian Ingram’s 42lb 8oz pike with this huge predator.

The 44-year-old, has been fishing the venue since it opened to pike anglers in 2001 and netted the fish-of-a-lifetime when it picked up a legered smelt fished from Walley Bank.
“Landing this huge pike is like winning the lottery for me,” Richard told Angling Times.

“I’ve netted 10 ‘thirties’ from Chew and with a personal best of 32lb 4oz it was getting to the stage where I thought I’d never beat it. Fishing really doesn’t get any better than this.
In the final 14 days of pike fishing the Bristol Water venue produced the two 40lb plus specimens along with 10 other predators over 35lb.

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