Carp fishing week in Cambs includes four 30-pounders

Carl Sharp took full advantage of an unusual week’s fishing as he toured four different lakes in six nights, taking three thirties up to 39lb 5oz.
The Premium Carp Fishing consultant’s tour of Cambridgeshire began with a night on PCF’s soon-to-open Poacher’s Pool on the Holme Fen complex, and saw the 31-year-old bank mirrors of 28lb and 32lb 4oz.
The next stop was a night on a private big pit that yielded eight carp to mid-doubles before Carl headed to his regular venue.
“The third day of my adventure saw me heading over to Rosemere for two nights to pit my wits against these wily carp that are getting cuter and trickier every visit,” he said.
Opting to keep his rigs in place for the length of his 40-hour stay, Carl made sure he laid his traps with precision.
“The first day and night passed without so much as a bleep, but I stuck to my guns and left the rods in place, hoping the carp may think I had departed. I was still unsure as I went into the final night but just before first light – some 36 hours after placing the rigs – the middle rod hooped over, resulting in one of the lake’s most sought-after prizes, Flat Head, at an impressive 39lb 5oz.”
Carl soon followed that up with Little Harris at 35lb 10oz before heading off to Abbey Lake for the last leg of his journey.
“This was a two-night social trip with family and friends,” said the West Midlander, “and I ended up with five carp including three twenties up to 24lb 12oz. Even my fiancée Liz got in on the action, landing three carp on the final morning up to 21lb 8oz.
“All in all, it was a memorable six nights in one of my favourites parts of the country. Thank you, Cambridgeshire!”
Carl’s fish fell to PCF pop-ups over a mixture of hemp, corn, pellets and Pickled Krill boilies.