Captor thunderstruck at 32lb 2oz PB Weston Park mirror

A stormy overnight session gave Adam Firth a 22lb common carp followed by this new pb mirror of 32lb 2oz.

The Korum media co-ordinator turned up to Weston Park in Shropshire late on a Friday evening and, with just over 12 hours at his disposal, decided to bait heavily.

“I only had until 10.30am the next morning and with the lake empty of other members I decided to put some bait in to draw the carp to my hookbaits,” said Adam.

Having spodded out 4kg of hemp, Sonubaits F1 Corn and Code Red boilies, Adam cast two reverse combi rigs over the top. His third rod was dispatched into the RH Fisheries venue on a chod rig.

After a sleepless night in the teeth of a thunderstorm, Adam landed a thickset 22lb 8oz common and was into another fish just 15 minutes late.

He said: “When the fish went over the net I thought it was about the same size as the other one I’d had, but when I tried to lift it out I realised that it was slightly bigger!

“When I lifted it up on the scales it went past 25lb, past 30lb and settled on 32lb 2oz – a new personal best.

“There’s no better feeling in fishing! I went home, smelling like carp, with a smile on my face.”