British Lure Angling Champs moves to the next level

‘We're taking competitive lure fishing to the next level’. That’s the message from the organisers of a national predator tournament that has been given a major revamp for 2015.

The Fox Rage backed British Lure Angling Championships was launched earlier this year and instantly gained the thumbs up from anglers, with hundreds of people trying their luck in the inaugural event.

In order to build upon that success the organisers have now extended the format with two new sub-competitions being launched.

Once again, the main event will see the top six from each qualifier reach the televised final at predator mecca Chew Valley Reservoir.

Unlike a traditional match, weight will not be used to dictate the winners, with the length of all fish caught by an angler added together to give a combined total.

Heats will be staged on canals, rivers and stillwaters and there will also be a separate sea fishing tournament being run for the first time to celebrate the use of the popular tactic on coastal marks.

In addition, a brand new Street Fishing League has been created where entrants will gain points by taking part in events on urban waterways. Match organiser and top specimen angler Julian Chidgey said: “Lure fishing has never been so popular and this is the perfect way to celebrate that.

“It’s a fun, highly productive method that is perfectly suited to short sessions and it fits well with people’s busy, modern lives.”

He added: “The competition structure is very simple, and anyone who reads this is only two matches from potentially becoming the champion!”

Big money prizes will be in store for the winners, with £1,000 going to the victor of the main tournament – which is currently held by angling journalist Steve Collett - and £500 to those coming out on top in the Sea and Street Fishing League.

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