Break your personal best at Langley Lakes

There aren’t many venues where you can catch 100lb of mixed fish one day and a 30lb carp the next – but that’s exactly what Lingley Lakes offers with its two stunning waters.

Comprising a Match Lake and a Specimen Lake, Lingley aims to meet anglers’ desires of breaking their personal bests. Whether it’s a weight or quantity record you’re after, this fishery certainly has the potential to do it thanks to the stocking of carp to over 30lbs, bream to 5lbs and barbel to 6lbs, as well as a host of other species too. Not only do the fish impress but the flora and fauna has also been shown special attention to ensure the scenery matches the same quality of fishing that many modern commercials offer.

Match Lake
An ‘L’ shaped lake with 29 pegs and three central islands all between 8-10m out – making the pole an ideal method to use here. The water is relatively murky but this does not affect the fishing which is simply fantastic. It’s stocked primarily with barbel, roach, tench, bream and carp, which are bred from FrontFish UK. Some of these juvenile fish have been recently transferred from the Specimen Lake into the Match Lake and are in fin-perfect condition. All the pegs here can reach the island and this is where you want to start your session. Switch between the pole and feeder with corn and pellet and then maggot shallow in open water to find the roach – which go to 1lb here. The edge line with paste or a soft pellet could be good for a bigger carp or barbel as well.

Specimen Lake
This carp only water is two acres in size with two islands, making it perfect for those anglers who like small, intimate lakes with decent features and big fish to target. It currently has ten pegs but only six anglers are allowed to fish at any one time, which adds to the overall exclusive feel this lake carries. This is very much deserved as these stunning carp are bred from FrontFish UK which specialises in producing immaculate looking specimens for fisheries.

You’ll struggle to bank a carp under the 17lb barrier here, and many of the original 32 specimens are now believed to weigh in excess of 30lbs – meaning every bite could be your new personal best. The islands and the two underwater peaks either side of the point are the best places to target, with straight leads, pellet PVA bags and double 8mm pineapple boilies currently proving the hot tactic.

Prices: £6.50 a day (Match Lake), £15 a day (Specimen Lake)
Contact: 01772 861901 or visit
Location: Langley Lakes, Langley Lane, Goosnargh, Preston, PR3 2JP
Rules: All anglers must use landing nets provided, no fixed method feeders, barbless hooks only, no night fishing, no cat or dog meat, sacks not allowed, no bait boats, no fires, no rods to be left unattended.

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