Bluebell's Swan Lake produces two 50lb carp in just seven days

Underlining its reputation as one of the best day-ticket waters in the UK, Swan Lake at Bluebell threw up a different 50lb carp just days before Corey Moore’s 54lb carp.

Only 48 hours before that capture, Yorkshireman Gary Spence ended a varied session with the capture of Dave at 52lb 12oz. It followed a 50lb-plus catfish and was braced within minutes by a 30lb 10oz mirror.

The joiner, who turns 51 this week, told Angling Times: “It was only my second time down there this year. I was ecstatic to catch it – it smashed my pb of 35lb.”

Gary, who fished from Wednesday until Sunday at the Northants complex, baited with maize, hemp and Urban Bait Nutcracker boilies and found fish fizzing in his swim early each morning.

Having banked an 18lb mirror and the big catfish, the Leeds rod latched into Dave on Friday morning. “It was a really strange bite,” he said. “The bobbin dropped back and then went back up. As I was resetting the bobbin it pulled from my hands. I struck into it and felt a bit of head shaking – I thought it was a tench at first.

“When I got it a bit closer I realised it was no tench and in the margins it went ballistic! A good 15 minutes later I landed it and could see it was a chunk, but I didn’t click on to which fish it was until I saw it properly.”

Gary added: “I returned it, and just as I let go of the wrist of its tail my middle rod was away and I landed a 30lb 10oz mirror!”

Dave fell to a Nutcracker boilie tipped with fake corn mounted on a blowback rig made with a Fox hook, G-Force Blackout hooklink and a Taska tungsten line aligner.