Blown away by oxlease common carp

Ian Russell felt his ‘whole world rolling around in the margins’ as he brought the biggest day-ticket carp at Linear Fisheries to the net.
The much-coveted Oxlease Lake common weighed in at 48lb 8oz to give the Avid-backed carp tutor a new personal-best common.
“To say I was blown away would be an understatement,” said Ian.
“This is obviously a carp that is constantly on your mind when fishing Oxlease. These moments mean so much to those of us who truly still appreciate our hobby.”
The fish, which had topped the 50lb mark for the first time earlier this year, was caught after Ian cast at showing fish during a coaching session at the Oxfordshire water.
Having seen four carp show at dusk, Ian fired a fake-corn rig out to the area and received the bite just before dawn.
Ian said: “At first I said to my client Nigel it was a small fish, but as the 40-yard mark was reached we could see differently.”
Having realised it was a large common – and there is only one in Oxlease – the battle become a nervy one for Ian.
“It signalled every panic button in my world to get pushed. Just five yards out my whole world was rolling around in the margins before Nigel scooped him up.
“Only a fellow angler will understand the relief, and much hugging followed. This was huge, and most definitely a personal best common for me.”
Ian presented two piece of Korum corn on a size 8 LSK hook over a small PVA bag of 2mm Sonubaits S Pellets to take the landmark common.