Bleak seal Wye festival for Whittle

Shakespeare River Wye
Festival 2015 (Weds-Fri)
River Wye, Hereford (60 pegs)

Despite the River Wye being low and clear, this midweek festival, backed by tackle giant Shakespeare, produced some cracking action.
Day 1 saw Jamie Robbins top the field from the Tennis Courts section. He had a great day feeding and fishing maggot on the waggler for a net of chub weighing 39-14-0.
The rest of the festival belonged to bleak king Hadrian Whittle as Day 2 saw him out in first place from Belmont with 41-4-0, the Kamasan Starlets rod catching from one of his favourite pegs on the river, peg 80. He had a strong half of the match on bleak and also topped up with chub for a section win.
The final day saw Hadrian in his element, bagging 1,300 bleak on the whip from the Ferry section to take first place with 38-0-0.
The win and better weights than his nearest rival Andy ‘Spud’ Murphy saw him take the honours with a four-point score over the three days.


Day 1 result: 1 J Robbins, Shakespeare, 39-14-0;
2 D Foreshaw, Cotswold Angling, 39-8-0;
3 D Ashington, Sensas/Kamasan Starlets, 35-8-0.
Day 2 result: 1 H Whittle, Kamasan Starlets/Woody’s, 41-4-0; 2 T Wales, DH Angling, 40-3-0;
3 M Lindsey, Surrey, 36-8-0.
Day 3 result: 1 H Whittle, Kamasan Starlets/Woody’s, 38-0-0; 2 A Murphy, Shakespeare, 37-4-0;
3 M Derry, Kamasan Starlets, 36-4-0.
Overall: 1 H Whittle, Kamasan Starlets/Woody’s, 4pts (superior weight): 2 A Murphy, Shakespeare, 4; 3 M Derry, Kamasan Starlets, 5; 4 B Rigby, Shakespeare, 6; 5 D Foreshaw, Cotswold Angling, 7.