Biggest pike ever on a fly caught at 40lb 8oz

The last cast of a session on the UK’s finest big pike water produced an immense 40lb 8oz predator.

Somerset’s Chew Valley Lake delivered visiting pike anglers with countless huge predators to 42lb lb 8oz during last winters’ pike trials, but now it’s the turn of the fly fishermen and resident guide John Horsey proved why he’s one of the best in the business.

He’s been at the helm at the vast Bristol Water venue for over 22 years and he produced the goods yet again when he spent a day with an Italian film crew, who were shooting a segment that will be included in a forthcoming TV show in their home country.

The team had only a few jack pike to show for their efforts until Enrico Pini cast out his red and white lure as the light began to fade.

“It had been a tough day until we had a follow from a huge fish late in the afternoon, so I decided to rest the area and return just before we had to get off the reservoir,” said John.

“We got back to the swim and the big girl took the lure pretty much straight away it was incredible as we wouldn’t have had time for one more cast.

“I’ve seen some big fish in my years at this fishery, but I still find myself totally in awe of big pike like this.

It’s a catch that equals the biggest fly-caught pike ever landed in the UK as Mike Green also banked a fish of 40lb 8oz in 2009.

“These guys have been here a few times before and only managed to land small fish so it was great to finally get one of the really big ones for the cameras,” Mike continued.

“This also just goes to show how effective fly fishing tactics can be for targeting big pike.
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