Biggest chub of the season

The countdown to the end of the river season is underway and an incredible catch of specimens from a free stretch of the Trent is sure to inspire thousands of anglers to go out and catch a personal best this weekend.

With just over a week left for river enthusiasts to finish their running water campaigns, Jonathan Spaulding has set the ball rolling by slipping the net under the biggest chub of the season weighing  8lb 3oz along with a 15lb barbel during an incredible session on the iconic waterway.

The 38-year-old found a swim with a deep hole near his home in Nottingham where he set up two simple leger rigs with braided hooklinks and size 6 hooks that were fished in conjunction with two solid PVA bags filled with boilies he’s been testing from Stotabaits.

At 5.30 am his buzzer screamed as the personal best chub made off with his single hair-rigged 14mm Rami boilie hookbait and Just minutes later, Jonathan slipped the net under the huge ‘pb’ barbel on his other rod.

 “Nothing could have prepared me for this as we all know what this river is capable of, but this just shows what is possible and it’s from a free stretch that everyone has access to,” Jonathan told Angling told Angling Times.

“The final few days of the season are a great time to go out and catch big fish I urge other anglers to get out on the bank and enjoy what is for me the is often the most prolific period of the season.”

Legendary Trent angler Bob Roberts was also amazed by the capture.

“I’ve seen and heard of many great catches over the years but this is just remarkable,” said Bob.

“People seem to think 15lb barbel are everywhere on this river but they are rare and a chub like this is an absolute monster fish from anywhere let alone on the Trent.”

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