Biggest bream of the year banked

Two grains of corn have accounted for the capture of this huge specimen as big bream go on the feed.

As anglers across the UK prepare to embark on their 2015 bream and tench campaigns, Leicester’s Lee Snow proved why it often pays to get ahead of the crowds when he struck gold and banked the new personal best that weighed 15lb 9oz while fishing at a local gravel pit.

It provided his only bite of the session that he kicked off by introducing a bed of hemp, corn, pellets and dead maggots then he cast two grains of critically-balanced imitation corn over the top of his spot that was 85 yards from the bank.

“I didn’t expect a fish like this so early on in my campaign and I know there will be so many other anglers out there that will be in two minds whether to get the bream gear out yet or not,” said Lee.

“But this just goes to show that you should get out there and have a go even if the water temperatures haven’t really begun to warm up properly.

 His fish follows the capture of an impressive 30lb 1oz mirror carp, that he banked from the same venue just a week earlier and the bream feel for his hair-rigged bait that was attached to a size 10 Korda Wide Gape hook, a 12lb coated braid hooklink and 12lb mainline.

And with the capture of over 40 ‘doubles’ from the venue last season alone the 40-year-old joiner thinks it’s a water that will throw up something very special indeed.

“Like many other gravel pits across the country this place has huge potential and I know there are some very special fish to be had so I’m going to go full steam ahead,” Lee continued.

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