Big pike worth the wait

Matt Rand had only one deadbait left to catch a big pike with during his latest session and he made it count when he banked this immaculate 26lb 11oz specimen from a Cambridgeshire stillwater.

The top all-rounder celebrated starting his new job with tackle firm Fox when the predator took his roach offering late in the day.

After a slow start, Matt spotted a fish sat close to a shoal of redfins and casting his bait in to the zone produced four pike in as many casts.

“On the fifth cast I lowered my last roach deadbait in to the margins and noticed a small jack pike had grabbed it. I was careful not to set the hooks as I wanted to land a bigger fish,” explained Matt.

“I successfully retrieved the bait and minutes later the float buried and I was doing battle with the biggest of the day,” he added.

The fish was taken on a 40lb Carbo Flex trace and size 6 2XS Carbon Treble hooks.

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