Big-pellet ban at top fishery Meadowlands

One of the country’s top commercial fisheries has banned the feeding of big pellets after anglers complained that fishing at the venue was becoming ‘too one-dimensional’.
Jack Harness, owner of Meadowlands Fishery near Coventry, has banned the use of both 6mm and 8mm pellets on the grounds that visiting matchmen and pleasure anglers were getting fed up of having to fish at long range just to get bites.
By enforcing the ban until April 2016 Jack hopes that the fish will move into more accessible areas during the winter, which in turn will encourage anglers to adopt more than one tactic to target them.
“Everyone that came here before this ruling was put in place fished the bomb at 30 yards or more, and anglers were catapulting pellets to feed the fish – so that’s where they would always be and weights were suffering because of it,” said Jack.
“Banning these sizes of pellets stops anglers being able to catapult feed at that range. I haven’t just done this on a whim, as I first consulted other fisheries and top anglers.
I think it’s the right thing to do to improve sport here.
“I also think it will help to improve fish welfare, as the large pellets take over a day to break down, which isn’t good for the water or fish digestion,” he added.
The controversial ruling, which still allows the use of 6mm and 8mm pellets as a hookbait, brought about mixed reactions on social media, but many top anglers have already voiced their support of the ban including top matchman and venue regular Joe Carass.
He told Angling Times: “It seems to be a trend sweeping across the UK on venues with plenty of open water that anglers are feeding the fish at range and making it impossible to catch closer in.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if other venues soon follow suit.”