Big nets of silverfish at Harescombe Fisheries

With silverfish nets topping 40lb and wonderful views over rolling countryside anglers will find few reasons not to visit Harescombe Fisheries this spring.

The Gloucestershire fishery has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more anglers cotton on to the venues superb sport on which is on offer.

There are four lakes to fish at Harescombe, made up of three pleasure lakes and one match pool which is available to match anglers to practice when there are no competitions taking place. It is the pleasure pools where the big nets of silvers are being enjoyed though particularly the Meadow and Field Pools. These lakes are stocked predominantly with carp to 21lb but with temperatures still low the roach, perch and skimmers are the species filling nets. Maggots and micros fished on the deck is the banker tactic usually but lately anglers have been catching at 3ft in 9ft of water using caster or maggots.  For the carp the maggot feeder or pellet version works well in winter but expect to wait a while between bites. This lake also holds some specimen perch which seem to take a liking for red maggots.

The Match Lake is full of F1’s averaging 1-2lb and carp averaging 3-4lb as well as chub and bream. This lake is suited to pole anglers with 13m to reach the island down the middle; in winter though most fish are caught at around 11m in the deeper water with baits like corn, maggots, pellets or casters.

Prices: £8 one rod, £12 two rods per day
Contact: 07896 959071, 07831 127699,
Location: Harescombe Fisheries, Haresfield 1, Harescombe, Gloucs, GL4 0XD
Rules: No keepnets, barbless only, no particles such as tiger nuts, boilies or chick peas, no floating baits, no night fishing, landing net required on all lakes

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