Big mirror from Grendon Lakes

Arriving at the lake at midnight paid off for Bradley Wegner in the shape of this 27lb 1oz mirror.

The 19-year-old sales assistant fished Grendon Lakes in Northamptonshire and cast to showing fish.

He said: “I turned up to the lake at midnight after a long day at work. I was itching to get out on the bank.

“In the night I heard and saw quite a few fish rolling on one particular spot so the next morning I flicked a single pop-up out to the spot and instantly received a savage liner. “After five minutes the rod was away and as soon as I lifted in to it I could tell it wasn’t a small double.

“She tipped the scales at 27lb 1oz and it was the only capture of the session, but my god it was worth it.”

Bradley used a Sticky Buchu Berry pop-up on a hinged stiff rig.

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