Big grayling waits until the last cast of the day

Roach fishing enthusiast Mark Everard took a break from his favourite species and was rewarded with this 2lb 11oz from the Dorset Frome.

With the river high and coloured, the Wiltshire-based angler was up against it but was determined to get a few bites and feederfished red maggots.

A brace of small fish came in the early stages but it wasn’t until the last cast of the day that the biggest of the session was in the net.

His rig was made up of 4lb mainline, a 3lb hooklength and a size 14 hook.

Days later he set his sights on the River Itchen and once again tasted success by taking a brace of roach to 2lb 2oz and four grayling to 2lb 4oz on floatfished breadflake.

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