Big catfish from nowhere

A venue with no previous history of catfish threw up this 31lb 8oz specimen for Brian Hankins.
The Lincolnshire angler made the trip to a Colne Valley gravel pit with an eye to landing one of the water’s big tench.
Plastic casters presented on a feeder at 50 yards attracted fish of 8lb 12oz and 9lb 2oz during the four-day session, followed by a pb 10lb 5oz lump.
But the most intriguing moment of the trip was saved for when the big predator went into the net.
Brian said: “I initially thought I had foul-hooked a carp and I had to double-take when I saw the cat, as I’ve never heard of one coming out of the lake.”
All the bites came to a rig made up of 12lb mainline and a 15lb braid hooklength to a size 12 hook.