Angling Trust name sea fishing England teams

The National Teams and Competition Group of the Angling Trust has named the England international teams for 2015.

The teams selected are:
World Youth Shore Angling Championships, Domburg, Netherlands, October 16-24, 2015 – Ryan Casey, Charlie Tudball, Keelan Owen, Callum Graham, Toby Oldfield, Henry Randell (reserve/non travelling), and Malcolm Stote (manager).

World Junior (U16s) Shore Angling Championships, Domburg, Netherlands, October 16-23, 2015 – Jaon Voller, Adam Howard, Joseph Smith, Thomas Wartnaby, Jack Cairns, Rhys Hayward (reserve/non travelling), and David Graham (manager).

World Seniors Shore Angling Championships, Algarve, Portugal, November 21-28, 2015 Ian Golds, Richard Yates, Darren Newland, Saul Page, Oliver Hopkins, Chris Snow (reserve) and Martyn Reid (manager).

World Boat Championships, Co Donegal, Ireland, September 12-19, 2015 – Gary Galbraith, Clifford Newbold, Colin Searles, Mark Smith, Steven Batchelor (reserve), and Rolf Marschalek (squad/manager).

World Long Casting Championships, Lorca, Murcia, Spain, September 19-26, 2015 –may be subject to change – Duane Lockwood, Kevin Southey, Jamie Blackman, Stephen Boyt, Jay Lee, Garry Dickerson and Dennis Retter (squad/manager).

Home Nations Shore Angling Championships, July 1-4, 2015, Rosstonstown & The Barrow Estuary, Co Wexford, Ireland – Men, Bill Lindfield, George Smith, Julian Shambrook, Kenny McCoy, Malcolm Stote, Dave Lane (reserve), and Chris Clark (manager). Ladies – Nicky Frewin, Becky Adams, Rachael Jarman, Wendy Metcalfe, Heather Lindfield, Loraine Perry (reserve), and Kay Brown (manager). Juniors (U16s) – Joseph Smith, Thomas Wartnaby, Rhys Hayward, Dan Tillet, Jack Cairns, David Graham (manager), and George Cunningham (assistant manager). Youth (U21s) – Henry Randell, Jake Cooper, Toby Oldfield, Charlie Tudball, Tony McAfee-Williams, and Mark Hurcombe (manager).

Home Nations Boat Championship, June 17-21, 2015, Weymouth, Dorset – Gareth Croft, Mike Lelliott, Ian McLean, Matthew Osborne, Rob Shattock, Martin Bobbett (reserve), and Mike Patten (manager).

* The Junior teams were selected in October 2014. There will be no England teams representing the Angling Trust in the World Ladies Shore Angling Championships, Big Game Fishing World Championships, and the Youth U21s Boat World Championships this year.

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