Anglers rally to rescue shop after break-in

It’s your chance to join the fight to save a tackle shop that was on the brink of closure after being wiped out by thieves.

Alan Stephens, owner of Alcester Sports and Tackle, was left heart-broken when his livelihood vanished overnight. Over £40,000 worth of poles, seatboxes, rods and reels were taken during the recent break-in at the Warwickshire business.

But now, following the launch of an online campaign to raise money to save the tackle shop, the 72-year-old has admitted to being ‘overwhelmed’ by the support of the local community. He is now determined to secure the future of the popular shop.

“I was ready to pack it all in after these people took everything that I’ve worked for for the last 36 years,” said Alan.

“But how can I walk away from this after the incredible support I’ve been shown? I feel it’s my duty to carry on.

“A local young lady called Loren Lewis, a friend of my grandson, launched a ‘JustGiving’ fundraising page which has already gained an overwhelming response and has really moved me.

“So here I am selling maggots and bait from my shop. It’s all the thieves left me with, but I will continue the fight and provide for anglers.”

Loren’s JustGiving page initially set out to raise £200 for Alcester Sports & Tackle, but money donated has already exceeded £2,400– and with 15 days left to go until the donation window ends, anglers across the nation are being urged to show their support.

River legend Dave Harrell has known Alan for more than 30 years and is just one of countless anglers that have visited Loren’s JustGiving page and pledged a contribution to Alan’s fighting fund.

“This is devastating not just for Alan, but for the sport. Small, local shops are the backbone of fishing communities and I’d urge you all to donate something, even if it’s just a couple of quid,” said Dave.

“He’s given so much to the sport and I know it would mean so much if we could do our bit to repay the favour in his hour of need.”

Click here to visit the JustGiving page.