72 hours in the ice for amazing winter catch

Craig Rayner made winter fishing look easy as he bagged an incredible nine twenties, four thirties and a pb 40-pounder during a freezing 72-hour session.

Targeting Cambridgeshire day-ticket water Willow Lake, Craig started his session on New Year’s Day and managed 19 takes, including two at once when the lake had frozen over.
His biggest fish of the trip was the coveted Frisbee at a new personal-best weight of 43lb 10oz.

Craig said: “I had 19 takes, landing 15 fish including four thirties, nine twenties, an 18-pounder and Frisbee at 43lb 10oz, giving me a new personal best to boot!”

Fishing from peg 12, Craig cast into a silty area at about 60 yards. He fed a total of a gallon of maggots and 3kg of crumbed-up Pickled Krill boilies from Premium Carp Food and fished trimmed-down matching bottom baits over the top.

“Staying up most of the night spodding and recasting produced four night-time bites – the first for weeks,” said Craig, “On the last night the temperature dropped to -4c and the lake froze. This didn’t bother the carp as I had a double take under the ice!”

Gary Spencer, who runs the water through his Premium Carp Fishing business, said: “I’m still not sure what to say about this remarkable catch, except that I’ve been around a long time and I am not often surprised like this! I take my hat off to Craig.”

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