68lb carp on pole sets world record

This is the photo of the world’s biggest-ever carp caught on the pole, weighing in at an incredible 68lb.
It was landed by angling adrenaline junkie Sebnash, who battled with the huge specimen armed with just a few metres of carbon and 25lb line.
Fishing the margins on a lake in the Seine et Marne region of France, it took him 25 minutes to tame the historic carp into the net after it took a paste hookbait just yards from the bank.
It’s a fish that made up a hat-trick of big carp that also included a giant that would have set a new world record – a common of 27.1 kg (59lb 7oz), which was backed up by a smaller specimen of 19.7 kg (43lb 4oz).
“I was fishing there for a week from Saturday to Saturday, but by Tuesday I’d had no activity at all and I’d tried all the spots I know where there are normally some fish in the margins,” said Sebnash.
“On the Wednesday a swim became free where there are trees in the water and many snags, perfect for my approach.
“I fished every morning from 7 to 11am and the first fish I got was 27.1kg, which was incredible, and the last catch was my new biggest carp on the pole of 31.1kg.”
The Crazy Carpa shop owner has made catching oversized fish on hefty pole tackle something of a speciality, and 12 months ago he made history with the capture of a 132lb pole-caught catfish, having also taken sturgeon to 62lb from France, his native country.
During his record-breaking session Sebnash baited up with amino-flavoured pellets and used 4.4 metres of a Colmic Sponda margin pole with 25lb line and a 3.5mm thick bungee-type elastic.
“It was a real hit-and-hold job,” Sebnash continued.
“My elastic was incredibly strong and tight because I was only fishing 0.5m from the bank and there were lots of branches there. You have to get control of the big fish straight away.”
The previous-biggest carp taken on a pole was a 56lb grass carp that fell to Englishman Alan Hayes several years ago while he was on holiday in Canada, while a 58lb 12oz carp was claimed to have been caught from South Africa in 2007.