60 doubles hit the bank as bream go on feed

THE bream fishing season hit an amazing peak this week when more than 60 double-figure specimens were banked at waters across the country.

Rising temperatures have seen huge fish go on the feed, with top specimen angler Andy Loble making one of the biggest hauls of double-figure bream caught in 24 hours when he banked an incredible 22 doubles to 14lb 8oz from renowned Pit One at London’s Walthamstow Reservoirs.

Heavy wind and rain battered the Sussex angler, but he remained undeterred and used long-distance leger tactics to find the shoals. His initial bombardment of pellets and scopex-flavoured maggots almost ruined his chances of success.

“I was plagued by carp in the first part of the session, but eventually the bream moved in and my first fish was 13lb 7oz,” he told Angling Times.

“I’d set my sights on catching as many double-figure bream as I possibly could in 24 hours. I knew the fishery was capable of something very special.”

Another top-up brought the swim back to life, and that sparked a golden five-hour period when a double-figure bream found his worm and maggot hookbait on almost every cast.
“I got through 8kg of pellets and eight pints of maggots and it was so tiring, but it was more than worthwhile for such an amazing catch,” he added.

It was a similar story for Lee Snow as he slipped the net under 33 doubles to 15lb during a session at a Leicestershire gravel pit.

Having noticed several fish roll at distance, he adopted an aggressive feeding strategy and introduced 30 Spombs full of 10mm halibut pellets and boilies.

His alarms were soon screaming regularly. “I knew the water was home to some very big bream, but I never expected to land this many doubles,” Lee said.

“At the end of the six nights I had taken more than 450lb of fish, which included three bream over the 14lb mark and four exceeding 13lb, before the biggest one found the bait.”

All his fish were fooled by a 15mm Krinnella boilie presented at range on a size 12 Korda Wide Gape hook.

Tony Smith signed off his current bream campaign when his only bite of the session produced a giant 18lb fish.

The Yorkshire angler has been a regular visitor to a southern stillwater and decided to enjoy one more session before heading on to pastures new.

His Method approach eventually brought the desired response, with the fish finding his Bait-Tech Incredible Edible pop-up corn and hoovering it up at first light.

“I’ve fished the water a lot over the last few seasons and this is a great way to end things before I look for a new challenge,” said Tony, who used 10lb Drennan Supplex mainline and a 10lb hooklength to a size 14 hook.

Gary Walsh’s innovation was one of the main reasons for his latest successful stint on the bank.

The Oxfordshire angler used a homemade Method feeder to find six doubles to a personal best of 17lb 3oz while he was fishing a southern stillwater.

Having found a spot that was slightly deeper than the rest of the peg, he baited up with a mixture of maggots and particles before leaving it to settle for several hours.

“Resting the area worked a treat and the bream were soon grubbing around in the area,” explained Gary.

“It is the sort of water where you can go weeks without a bite, so to land six double-figure bream in a session is unbelievable.”

A brace of 12lb fish were banked, with specimens of 13lb 5oz, 14lb and 16lb 11oz completing the haul.

Last, but not least, Shaun Lumb showed that northern anglers needn’t head south for big bream as he banked fish weighing 13lb 10oz and 14lb 9oz.

The Leeds rod beat the previous best for the species at his local Lowther Lake when he fished corn hookbaits over a bed of particles at 120 yards.

Both specimens were beaten with a rig that was made from 15lb Daiwa Sensor mainline and a size 8 hook.