53lb mirror is a new pb on return to Wellington

A three-month break from angling did Martin Pick no harm at all as he banked two carp for 98lb.
The 2013 Angling Times Carp Angler of the Year returned to Berkshire’s Wellington Country Park for a filming session with Korda and netted his first 50lb-plus mirror, and a 45lb ghostie, in front of the cameras.
The Leicestershire angler, who was fishing a three-night session, said: “It was my first night back on Welly in over three months when I caught that 53lb 8oz mirror, one of the fish I was after.
“It is my first 50lb-plus mirror and a new personal best. Nothing happened the following night but halfway through my last night I caught the 45lb 4oz ghostie.”
Explaining his tactics for the fifty, Martin added: “I was fishing 60 yards over about 250g of DT N-Blend and Coldwater Mix boilies. I fished a 15mm white DT N-Blend wafter on an 8in Korda N-Trap hooklength with a size 8 Korda Wide Gape hook and a 3oz lead.
“The ghostie came from a channel 20 yards to my left over the same amount of bait introduced with a catapult. That fish picked up a 15mm DT Zinger pop-up on a combi rig made with 25lb Mouthtrap and 20lb N-Trap Soft tied to a size 6 Choddy hook.”