52lb 4oz common carp caught from The Avenue

Calling on his experience as a match angler helped Steve Hall catch this massive common.

The 52lb 4oz beast, known as Ellie, came from RH Fisheries’ The Avenue in Shropshire during a day session that also yielded a 29lb 4oz mirror.

The Midlands angler said: “I don’t really do anything special when I’m carp fishing. I’m an ex-match angler so a lot of my fishing revolves around using light hooklinks, small hooks and 10mm hookbaits. In match fishing, the smaller you go the more fish you catch. I think the big-carp game is exactly the same.”

Steve headed to the venue for a day session just before Christmas and caught the big common at 12.30pm.

He said: “I flicked the rod back out on the spot and sat back with a huge smile on my face. I couldn’t believe I’d caught a 50lb common in December. An hour later, my other rod was away and I was quickly rewarded with a 29lb 4oz mirror. I couldn’t believe what was happening.”

Not content with that, Steve returned to the lake for a four-hour session early in the new year. Having spotted two carp show in a swim known as the L Bar, he managed a 33lb 4oz winter mirror an hour before home time.

“If you want to catch more carp this winter it’s worth using smaller hookbaits,” said Steve. “Just because you’re fishing for large carp doesn’t mean you should be using gobstoppers to catch them. I’ve found the smaller I go, the bigger the fish I catch.

Steve used 10mm boilies presented on size 10 Avid CRV hooks and 15lb Avid Captive hooklinks. He scattered about 15 freebies around his spots with a throwing stick.

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