52lb 14oz common carp smashes Linear Fisheries record

The complex record at Linear Fisheries has been broken by Lyndsy Fisher with the capture of this 52lb 14oz common carp.

The Birmingham-based venue regular tempted the impressive specimen during a 48-hour session on the popular Oxfordshire day-ticket fishery’s 26-acre Oxlease Lake.

Fishing to the back of a weedbed at almost 50 yards, Lyndsy glued a ball of hemp to a maggot clip on a size 8 Korda Krank hook and a four-inch Korda N-Trap Soft hooklink and placed the whole rig inside a solid PVA bag filled with PVA-friendly hemp and maize.

She said: “I double wrapped my solid bags so they would take slightly longer to melt, then cast them two foot past the weed. Once it hit bottom I pulled it back until I could feel it touching the weed. The area was then baited with hemp, maize and chopped Solar Squid and Octopus boilies.”

Her accurate hookbait placement was soon rewarded with a fast take. “As soon as I saw it during the fight I knew exactly which fish I was attached to.

“I didn’t want to believe it was the big one, though, until I got it in the net! Once it was safely in the mesh I was buzzing!” she said.

Lyndsy is no stranger to catching big carp from the complex, her previous personal best being the highly sought-after Big Plated from neighbouring St Johns lake at 44lb 5oz.

She added: “I’d like to thank Linear Fisheries and all the bailiffs there for an amazing experience with a fish I’ll never forget.

“I’ve fished at Linear for eight years now and don’t think I would ever go anywhere else!”

Lyndsy has now become the second female angler to hold the fishery record after Avid’s Angie Lawley caught the same fish at a slightly lower weight of 52lb back in May this year.

Angie’s capture was the first time a carp from the complex had broken through the 50lb barrier.