51lb Ellie is out twice in eight weeks

Paul Viner caught this 51lb common for the second time in eight weeks at the Avenue.
The fish, known as Ellie, found its way into the back of the 43-year-old’s net on October 1 before slipping up again almost two months later.
The Sutton Coldfield carper, who has been a member at the Shropshire venue for four seasons and has also had a 52lb 8oz mirror from the lake, told Angling Times: “I had been battered by those gales during a previous session and to be quite honest I fancied a break from that, so I went on the back of the wind.
“I hadn’t seen any fish, so I cast to a spot that I know produces them.
“It was just getting dark on the second evening when I had a fairly peculiar take. The alarm beeped twice and the bobbin moved up halfway before dropping again.
“I thought it was a liner, but then the bobbin pulled up to the top and stayed there.
“I knew as soon as I hit into it that it was one of the big girls. It held its ground and shook its head and then swam on a tight line about 80 yards out. It took about 15 minutes to get it in and, by the light of a full moon, I knew which fish it was as it came over the net.”
Paul baited with hemp, corn and Mainline Cell and Hybrid boilies, and fished a critically balanced homemade boilie over the top on a stiff D rig made with Korda Kaptor Kurv Shank hooks and IQ2 fluorocarbon.