4lb 6oz perch from wales!

Rivers and stillwaters across the UK continue to produce some of the best big-perch fishing ever, with both worms and lures accounting for huge stripeys.
First angler on this week’s list is Graham King (pictured), who made a visit to a stillwater in South Wales to smash his personal best with this 4lb 6oz specimen.
He and two friends fished a combination of maggots and worms to land large numbers of perch. They had 10 fish between them, and Graham backed up his four-pounder with another perch of 3lb 5oz.
A simple leger rig coupled with a soft Avon-style rod and a size 2 circle hook was the secret to the Worcester angler’s success.
“The trick to catching these perch was using a set-up with minimal resistance, so that’s why I was fishing slack lines with a really long drop on my bobbins,” said Graham.
“I struck at any movement on my indicator because perch are such aggressive feeders.”
Father and son Gary and Sam Edmonds know a thing or two about targeting predators on lures and the two fish pictured below are the fruits of a couple of short sessions on a southern river.
First came Gary’s 3lb 15oz perch, which was backed up with other fish to 2lb 5oz and is his 100th fish over the 3lb mark.
A couple of days later the pair returned, and this time it was Sam’s turn to bank the biggest perch, weighing 3lb 12oz.
Gary used a chatter bait rigged with a Berkley Havoc Pit Boss trailer – a Berkley Havok Rocket Craw was Sam’s lure of choice.
“It was really windy, which made it really hard to feel what was going on, but it’s definitely worth getting out there even if the conditions aren’t perfect,” said Sam.
“This is the fourth different perch weighing 1oz under the 4lb mark we’ve caught this year.”