4lb 10oz perch on homemade swingtip gear

A home-made piece of tackle made Roger Cramer’s first perch fishing trip of the season one to remember after he banked a river specimen-of-a-lifetime.

Roger Cramer sold his tackle shop four years ago, but he used  his knowledge to adapt the tip of his leger rod into an old-fashioned  ‘swingtip’ to  create a unique piece of equipment that was the key to landing this huge 4lb 10oz personal best perch from the River Derwent.

The Hinckley-based angler made the alteration to give him more a sensitive bite indication and this in conjunction with a simple running leger rig and a lobworm hookbait, saw him bank the huge specimen from a swim that he’d never fished before.

“I wanted to create a rig that would pick up the slightest of indications so I doctored a standard tip, introducing a piece of silicone between the screw thread and tip section to create a good old-fashioned ‘swingtip’, which worked a treat,”said Roger.

“I’m an avid barbel angler, but things have been so tough of late that I decided to turn my attentions to perch, fully aware they may feed in the freezing conditions.”

His first swim choice failed to bear fruit and it looked like a blank was on the cards as his second spot also seemed lifeless until a tiny movement on his ‘swingtip’ indicated that the huge fish had picked up his bait.

 “My initial thoughts were that I’d hooked something around the 3lb region, but when it surfaced I knew it was something very special,” he continued.

“I weighed it twice and each time it read 4lb 10oz – it took my breath away.”

“To catch a fish this big on my first session of the season after them is unbelievable. The Derwent is definitely a river that is capable of a 5lb perch this season and I’ll certainly be back in search of it very soon,” concluded Roger.

His memorable ‘stripey’ was fooled on a rig comprising a half ounce bomb and an 0.20mm hooklength to a size 10 hook.

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