48lb 2oz specimen carp sets a new best on Cranwells Lake

With fish like this, it’s easy to see why the Wasing Estate is one of the finest carp venues in the country.
This 48lb 2oz specimen is a new lake-record common for Cranwells Lake and was caught by Daniel Gilbert during an overnight session at the Berkshire complex.
The 34-year-old has been a member of the water, which also holds Britain’s biggest living carp at 64lb-plus, for six years, and ticked off a target fish with this capture.
“I could see it was a very big common, which seemed to grow every time I looked at it,” said Daniel, “but despite knowing the fish well and seeing several photos in the past I didn’t realise straight away it was the lake’s biggest common at a new personal best and common lake record of 48lb 2oz!
“This is the second of my three most-wanted fish from the lake, having caught the Floppy Tail Linear three times. It just leaves the lake’s biggest resident, the Parrot, as my main target!”
Daniel found fish showing regularly in shallow water and baited up with six Midi Spombs of boilies in slightly deeper water ahead of nightfall.
The sawmill manager from Wiltshire added: “After a quiet night I feared the fish had moved off, and just as I was thinking my chance had gone at about 9am, while talking to one of the bailiffs, one of the rods slowly went up tight. The line came out of the clip and just as it started to take line I lifted into it. The fight was slow and ploddy and it felt like a good fish, and this was confirmed when I saw a large common roll about 25 yards out. Luckily the rest was all straightforward and I netted it first time.”
Daniel baited with 18mm GS Crab boilies from Oxford Carp Baits and caught the fish on a matching corkball pop-up.