48 hours on a seatbox raises £2,000 for pal

A BIVVY and bedchair are the usual overnight fishing items, so spare a thought for Mick Grainger who spent 48 hours on a seatbox!

He used his passion and dedication to the sport to raise money for a friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer when he battled through the pain barrier during the sleepless two-day marathon at Worcestershire’s Lower Broadheath Fisheries.

The keen match and pleasure angler from West Bromwich fished the pole and caught carp day and night while cooking meals on a disposable barbecue and eating them hunched in his fishing position.

“One of my work colleagues has been hit by cancer and I wanted to do my bit to help him and his family out at a very difficult time,” said Mick.

“I have seen a lot of different fishing challenges used to raise money in the past, but I wanted to set a new standard and do something that had never been attempted.”

Local anglers sponsored Mick’s challenge to help him over the finish line and raise almost £2,000.

“There were times in the middle of the night when I questioned what on earth I had got myself into, but the support I have had made it more than worthwhile,” he added.

“Sitting on a box for six hours during a match can take its toll, but 48 hours was something else…crazy hard,” Mick continued.

“I didn’t use a bite alarm as I knew that would make things easier for me, so I relied on a head torch and a pair of lamps during the night to help me spot the bites.”

More than 500lb of small carp were landed during the challenge.

Mick weighed his fish in every six hours during daylight to keep track of his tally.

Mick’s employer, Charter Castings Limited in Tipton, has agreed to double the donations made through the challenge.