47lb common carp from day ticket water

“A dream session” is how Darren Bailey described a fish-in with mates which saw him bank a twenty, a thirty and one of the finest day-ticket carp in the country at 47lb 7oz.

When a group of 15 friends gathered at Baden Hall’s Quarry Pool for a weekend social, little did they imagine it would yield such a result.

“It was great to share it with friends,” said Darren, whose other fish weighed 22lb 12oz and 33lb 10oz. “It was dead humbling, really. I was a bit choked when I got back home and realised what I had caught.”

The 39-year-old garage owner arrived on the Saturday to find some of the anglers had already setup in a fancied area. “I went into peg five and only had about 100 yards of water in front of me, but as they were friends opposite I knew I could get out to 120 yards into their area,” he smiled.

“I just knew it was where I had to be. Sometimes as a carp angler you have an extinct like that.”

Fishing 5ft black-foam zig rigs dipped in DNA Sticky Sweet liquid, Darren received a dropback at around 10.30pm and landed a 22lb 12oz mirror. A screaming take at 6am yielded a 33lb 10oz common before the big one arrived at 10.30am following a lost fish earlier in the morning.

“It was a straight drop-back bite,” said Darren, “The bobbin hit the floor and I looked at it, waiting for it to rise again, thinking ‘should I hit it?’. In the end, I did, and I reeled and reeled for what must’ve been 10 seconds before I felt anything. The fish was coming straight towards me.”

Darren has fished Quarry Pool since it opened and caught the big common at 36lb five years ago. He said: “I saw it in the margins as the water is gin clear and I thought it was the big one, but I didn’t want to say too much. When it went in the net it made the 33-pounder look like a baby!”

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