47lb carp falls on a tench rod

A 40lb-plus carp has been Rob Thompson’s target for over 20 years and he finally achieved his goal…while tench fishing!
The Korum-backed star centred his attentions on tench during a trip to a southern stillwater, but he got a lot more than he bargained for when he banked the giant 47lb personal best and lake record common on an 8lb hooklink and a size 12 hook.
An early start saw him make the three-hour drive from Leicestershire. He baited up a gravel bar with pellets, groundbait, hemp and maggots.
A day passed without any signs of fish entering the swim, but his 8mm Sonubaits Pineapple Oozing boilie was eventually taken at dawn.
“It came steadily towards me, but when I got my first glimpse of it I was concerned it wasn’t going to fit in the net,” said Rob.
“I scrambled up the bank to get my bigger net and I soon had it on the bank. My 40lb scales bottomed out and I had to borrow a pair from a carp angler to verify the weight.
“I was in total shock and I was later told by locals that it was a new lake record and that people had done whole carp campaigns on the water without catching a single fish,” he added.
The action didn’t end there either, with fish of 25lb 8oz and 27lb 11oz also coming to the bank.
Rob eventually found a hungry shoal of tench and landed several fish to a personal best of 9lb 11oz.
All the fish were taken on a feeder rig made up of 12lb mainline and an 8lb braided hooklength to a size 12 Korum Specimen hook.
He wasn’t the only angler to accidentally bank a memorable monster.
Steve Derbicz landed a 48lb mirror while tench fishing Manor Farm Lake at Oxfordshire’s Linear Fisheries.
The huge fish, which is known as Kempy’s Linear, made its second trip to the bank in a week after the local angler used a cage feeder approach combined with a bunch of maggots on the hook.