46lb 12oz giant carp from the snags

With the leaves just starting to turn from green to gold, many carp anglers know that now is the time to be on the bank.
Mike Jarvis illustrated this point perfectly with this immaculate 46lb 12oz common to give him a new personal best.
The fish, which came from a deep Cambridgeshire syndicate water, was caught from a prebaited area close to snags.
 Said Mike: “The fish is known as the Carpworld Cover Fish and weighed in at 46lb 12oz, beating my previous pb by 6oz.”
Mike used a 14mm CC Moore Dairy Supreme pop-up on a hinged stiff rig made with Fox Edges terminal tackle and a size 5 Arma Point SR hook.
“This was cast nearly 90 yards to a firm patch next to snags over 3kg of 15mm Pacific Tuna freezer baits,” said Mike. “I had prebaited a few days earlier with 4kg of the same bait in the snags to give them a taste for it.
“The weather took a change for the better, becoming overcast with a drop in the air pressure, and the swim I opted for was one I had done a fair amount of time in and managed a good few fish from, though generally of a smaller stamp.
“This was my first proper trip on the new Pacific Tuna boilies and it sorted out one of the biggies.”