45lb carp reward before dark

At this time of year it’s great to get a fish under your belt and head home before dark – and it’s even better when that fish weighs 45lb.
“It was meant to be an overnighter,” said Adam Honeysett after catching this big mirror carp from a windswept pit in southern England.
“But after catching the fish so quickly I decided to go home rather than do a night, so my session only lasted four hours!”
The Kent angler added: “I arrived at around 1pm and I decided to do a lap of the lake to see what I could see.
“On my way round I was lucky enough to spot a fish ‘head and shoulder’ in an area where there was no angling pressure, so I decided to go in there.
“I put three single hookbaits out to the area at about 110 yards, placing them about 20 yards apart. After about an hour, the bobbin on the middle rod pulled up tight and after a hard, slow, heavy battle I landed this 45lb mirror.”
Adam fooled the fish on a 10ins hinged stiff rig made with 20lb Rigmarole Camh2o and a size 6 Fox S3 hook. Hookbait was a 15mm Nash Amber Strawberry pop-up screwed into a Rigmarole bore ring.