43lb carp ‘Flower’ as a keepsake

When Jack Grindrod’s girlfriend jetted back home to Australia, he went carp fishing to “clear his head”.
Taking with him a shoebox of letters she had written for him to read during their months apart, the 24-year-old unfolded one marked ‘open when you go fishing’ and smiled as he saw the words “hope you catch a nice 40lb carp”.
Moments later, one of his alarms beeped twice and he pulled into a 43lb mirror to set a new lake record and smash his 27lb personal best.
Essex electrician Jack told Angling Times: “My girlfriend went back to Australia on Thursday, so I took the Friday off work and went out fishing at Myths Pool Fishery near Billericay to clear my head. It was a new lake for me and I’d never been round it, so I took a couple of rods and a bivvy, intending to do a couple of nights.”
Having set up on the end of the wind, Jack baited with Nash TG Active boilies in purple – girlfriend Katia Bue’s favourite colour – and sat back in his bivvy.
“When she had gone home she did a shoebox of ‘open when’ letters to open at all different times. When I opened the one marked ‘open when you go fishing’ and it said ‘I hope you catch a 40lb common’ and I sat back and laughed to myself. Minutes later my rod bleeped twice and I was in!”
After a weed-hampered battle, witnessed by the lake owner, Jack netted a fish known as The Flower and it became apparent that his girlfriend’s wish had come true – albeit with a mirror, not a common.
“I couldn’t believe it”, said Jack, who had to wait to tell Katia, who had gone Down Under to surprise her family and didn’t have a phone.
“When I told her she was bloody shocked,” he said.
Romford resident Jack is set to follow his girlfriend to Australia later in the year.