40lb 2oz mirror falls as church bells ring

Luke Edwards’ bite alarms chimed in time with the local church bells as he caught this 40-pounder on a day session.

As the clock struck 3pm, Luke hooked into the 40lb 2oz mirror at RH Fisheries’ The Avenue in Shropshire. 

He said: “At dead on 3pm, the chimes from the nearby church sounded and so did my alarm! A steady take and I was in. The fish plodded and I knew it was a big girl. After numerous lunges and a few shaky moments she hit the spreader block.”

Explaining how the background to the capture, Luke added: “After doing a 36-hour session the week before and bagging myself a 29lb 2oz fish, I decided to do a quick day as I knew they were in an area on the back of the wind.

“I arrived at the lake at 9am and put out around three spods on each rod, knowing bite time was at 3pm.”

Luke fished chod rigs made with size 7 Fox SR hooks, 30lb Khaki Rigidity stiff material and 12lb Illusion mainline. His hookbaits were Mainline Milky Toffee pop-ups heavily glugged in pineapple juice.

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