40lb 14oz 'Moonscale' is a venue record

A Lancashire forty is a fine specimen, and this big mirror carp broke the venue record at Borwick Fishing in Carnforth.
The 40lb 14oz mirror was caught on Jimmy’s Lake by Luke Worthing, who added an 18lb 12oz common in the session.
He said: “I arrived at the lake with a strong south-westerly wind blowing. Someone was already set up in the swim I fancied, so I popped round for a chat.
“As I was talking to the other angler a few fish started showing in that area and, with the guy due to leave later that afternoon, I started getting my gear sorted out to move in after him.
“I got in at 4pm, dropping one rod on a known spot and casting the other two towards the showing fish. At 9.30pm I got my first take from an 18lb 12oz common.
“The rod was repositioned with a yellow wafter hookbait and a few catapults of Solar Club Mix boilies scattered over the top.
“At 11:30pm the same rod was away again, and this one seemed different. At first it felt like a catfish. It flat-rodded me and charged off down the lake. It surfaced 20 yards in front of the swim two down from where I was.
“After a battle in the margins, and freeing it from a weedbed, I realised how big it was when a long, pale flank broke the surface.
“I peered into the net and it was a fish called Moonscale, the biggest carp in the lake. I caught her in May last year at 37lb 4oz.
“On the scales she went 40lb 14oz – a new pb, a venue record and a northern forty. I was buzzing.”