400lb arapaima falls to simple zig rig approach!

Boilies, zig rigs and Method feeders play a big part in UK angling, and Tim Webb showed they can be just as effective on the other side of the world by banking this colossal 400lb arapaima.
The former Crawley resident decided to relocate to Thailand several years ago and instantly became hooked on the exotic angling opportunities on hand.
His latest session at his wife’s Palm Tree Lagoon Fishing Park saw him take a chance and rely on tactics that had served him so well during his days in England. He said: “There are some huge fish in the lake but they’ve become difficult to catch and I thought I’d take a chance on something completely different.
“My first idea was to use a Method feeder moulded with rice, bran and bread and a hair-rigged 12mm yellow Urban Baits Nutcracker boilie on the hook.”
The ploy may have drawn a few bemused glances from onlookers, but he had the last laugh when a series of Siamese carp to 173lb fell for the tactic in the first two days.
On day three he overhauled his approach to a zig rig set-up, and a powerful take was not long in coming. “At first I thought it was a huge catfish, as it took off at speed, but I soon realised that I’d hooked one of the big arapaima,” said Tim.
“I was shocked to see the boilies hanging out of the fish’s mouth but it just goes to show that trying something a little different can result in a very special catch.”
News of the incredible achievement soon spread throughout the country and Rick Humphreys, of the Fishsiam complex, was left stunned at the result. He said: “The capture of this arapaima on boilies is one of the strangest captures I have heard of in Thailand.
“Whether the fish hit the baits out of curiosity, aggression or as a feeding response I’m unsure.
“Whatever the reason, both tactics proved their ability to attract some truly giant specimens.”