36lb common carp for Gord’s birthday boy

Walker Burton, son of legendary ‘piking pirate’ Gord, enjoyed a successful birthday trip to Linear Fisheries with a 36lb common as part of a multiple hit.
The new pb came during a five-day stay at St John’s on the Oxfordshire complex which also produced a 32lb 8oz mirror and six other carp to low twenties.
The Lancashire angler, who turned 24 during the session, said: “To catch such a common on the last morning of what had already been a successful trip was more than I could have asked for.”
Walker and his friend Lewis set up on the Road Bank after spotting a large common leap clear of the water. At 11pm, Walker got his first take and after a dogged fight slipped the net under a high-backed mirror of 32lb 8oz. Two more twenties followed that night before conditions took a turn for the worse the following day with bright sunshine and rising temperatures.
The next two nights produced four more carp to Walker and mirrors of 25lb and 33lb 8oz to Lewis, before the big common tripped up on the final evening.
“It was an absolute result, what dreams are made of,” said Walker, who fished combi rigs made with Korda components and baited with Baitworks Atlantic Heat boilies and sweetcorn.