33lb 10oz mirror carp before dawn

A frozen clutch on Rob Gooch’s reel didn’t stop him from landing this pretty 33lb 10oz mirror.

Tackling a Bedfordshire clay pit in freezing conditions, the Hertfordshire 37-year-old received a single bleep on one of his alarms just before dawn.

He said: “On closer inspection, I could see the right-hand rod’s tip pulling down and nodding away.  The frost turned out to be quite serious, and it quickly became apparent that my clutch was frozen and the fish was not able to take any line!  Rod in hand, it soon doubled over as a slow-moving, heavy lump made its way through my swim.  After a lengthy battle, a big fish sporting its orange winter colours crossed my net cord.”

Rob used Sticky Krill boilies and fished a braided rig using Korda components.

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