32lb 8oz common beats the winter chills

It was -4c when Jaime Atkinson latched into this 32lb 8oz common during his first session of the winter.

The 30-year-old Hampshire angler was out for a two-night stay at a Thatcham club water but had to wait for the fish to move on to his spot.

He said: “After seeing no real signs of life on arrival, I plumped for a nice open-water swim, with a decent bit of water to go at, knowing that a reasonable wind was due to push into the area on the second day.

“There was a large gravel or mussel bed about halfway out, with a few little silty pockets within it, and it was in one of these little pockets I decided to fish.

“The first night was cold and biteless, but we had seen fish in the snags in my friend Chris’s swim just down to my left. However, we stayed put as the wind started to push down our way. It turned out to be a good move and at 3.30am the silt-pocket rod was away! It was -4c at the time but the fish fought hard for a good 10 minutes. Once in the net I was chuffed to see a nice common with a long frame and a big underslung head.

“It went 32.8 and felt a nice February capture in the freezing conditions. Chris did me some spot on pics as usual and I went home a happy chap!”

Jaime used short naked chod rigs in the gin-clear water and baited with a new boilie on test from Sticky.

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