31lb mirror carp caught while packing up

A guest session on a Cambridgeshire syndicate water gave Dave Finn the perfect winter trophy shot with this 31lb 10oz mirror.

Having bagged a 26lb mirror on his first evening, Dave awoke to a blanket frost and began to pack away.

“I had everything packed down bar my rods and buzzers, when I noticed a slight drop back on the right-hand rod. I took up the slack and began trying to wind, which proved difficult as the reel handle had frozen up!

“As I started to get it turning I felt the slightest of kicks, then another – I had one on! The whole rod looked like a giant icicle as I slowly brought the fish back.”

Dave baited with hemp, corn, pellet and chopped Mainline Cell boilies at the bottom of the marginal shelf in 22ft of water. He fished a mini Cell pop-up over the top on a hooklink made with Korda Kamo and a size 6 Wide Gape hook.

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