31lb common caught in freezing conditions

This frosty scene hints at the difficulty Robert Mitchell had in landing this pristine common of 31lb 8oz.

On a night when temperatures dipped to -3c, the 18-year-old student was awoken by sporadic bleeps on one of his alarms and got up to find his setup completely frozen.

He said: “When I picked up the rod I had to blow warm air onto the line clip as the line had frozen into the clip, I also had to play the fish off backwind as the spool on my reel was frozen solid and unable to give any line! After a long, heavy battle I managed to scoop the fish in my net. I was absolutely over the moon with my result and hope the year continues to be a special one!”

The Norfolk student was fishing a 48-hour session at a local syndicate water and also managed two other commons of 21lb 4oz and 24lb 8oz.

He baited with Sticky Vor-Tex boilies and presented matching hookbaits on hinged stiff rigs.

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