300lb net of crucians backed up with big tench and rudd

Specimen angling doesn’t always involve long waits between bites, as Mike Lyddon proved when he banked an incredible 300lb of big crucian carp, tench and rudd during ‘the best session’ of his career.

The Gardner-backed rod targeted the Godalming Angling Society-controlled Johnson’s Lake in Surrey and the action was red hot from the word go, with 63 crucians over
2lb 6oz, 40 tench to over 6lb and several rudd just shy of 2lb.

Arriving in daylight at the prolific venue for his 48-hour session, he set up a simple tried-and-tested Method feeder rig baited with a couple of artificial casters.

Regular casting helped get a big bed of pellets down. The huge shoal soon found it, and Mike told Angling Times: “I have never known so many big fish group up in such a tight area and this is easily the best session I have ever had.

“It was a fish every chuck at times, and the highlight was without doubt the sheer number of 3lb-plus crucians I managed to bank, with the best of them weighing in at 3lb 11oz.

“At one point I couldn’t even get a chance to cast out the second rod, as the crucians were taking the feeders on the drop. It was also surprising how many fish came in daylight, with only one bite coming during the night.

“It was almost certainly a once in a lifetime session and I needed plenty of rest to recuperate!” added Mike.

His successful rig was made up of 6lb Gardner Hydroflo mainline and a size 16 Target specimen hook baited with two artificial Enterprise casters.

Current joint crucian record-holder Steve Frapwell joined Mike for the session and saw the rod tip hoop round several times as he netted numerous fish to 2lb 8oz.