30 years’ know-how pays off with 6lb eel

Steve Pitts has dedicated more than 30 years’ fishing just to specimen eels, and he put his vast knowledge of the species to good use when he banked this impressive 6lb 5oz fish.
The 57-year-old, from Manton, Rutland, fooled the fish during a session at an undisclosed southern stillwater when he legered a lobworm over a bed of maggots that he introduced on a marginal shelf.
“Fishing exclusively for eels is very tough as it’s not uncommon to go 20 nights and not even get a touch,” said Steve.
“But I love the challenge as I’m targeting fish that haven’t been caught before and I believe this species is the only one left with any real mystery attached to it.”
Steve beat the fish with 20lb mainline, a wire trace and a size 2 hook.