27 carp in 12-hour session

A trip down memory lane turned into a hectic winter session for Daniel Hadman.

Returning to East Delph Lakes for the first time this century, the Peterborough rod bagged 27 fish in just 12 hours’ fishing.

The Cambridgeshire venue is under new ownership and appears to be thriving.

“It’s the first place I ever caught a carp from,” said Daniel, “but I hadn’t been there for 15 years or more. In 12 hours of fishing I caught 27 carp, of which 18 were doubles up to 19lb 8oz. I even had a double take of ghosties weighing 18lb and 17lb. I got the rods in at about 9pm but reeled in at 3am because I’d had enough action. I set the alarm and hauled myself out of a warm bed at 6am and then fished on until dinner time.

“It was great to go back there and it’s nice to see a venue with history has a bright future.”
Daniel fished PVA sticks of liquidised bread and crumbed-up Premium Carp Fishing Squiddly Diddly boilies. His hookbaits were whittled-down Squiddly Diddly pop-ups.

The 32-year-old said: “There was no-one else on the lake for the night so I thought the best place to go was the middle of the lake. I’d have one or two fish from one spot then I’d have to keep roving around the swim. If I didn’t have a bite in 20 or 30 minutes I’d recast.”

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