25lb mirror carp after eight month wait

A first session since April provided Mark Shears with this 25lb 2oz mirror.

The wind-farm worker, who has been unable to fish due to work committments, caught the fish on a 48-hour session at a six-acre southern gravel pit.

He said: “I got to the pit after two weeks at sea and due to working all summer it was my first time out since April. I arrived at the pit and it looked dead. Only three fish had been out in two weeks.”

Fishing a spot he had caught from before, the 46-year-old from Essex baited each rod with about 60 Sticky Vor-Tex, Krill and Bloodworm boilies.

“At 9.30pm the left-hand rod melted off and I was in. After a good 10-minute battle I slipped the net under it and let out a muffled ‘come on’!”

Mark used a short naked chod rig made from Fox components.

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